CMRIT_GLUG (April 8, 2009)


Hi guys, this is my first blog on the internet.

I got to know about FSMKfrom one of our lecturer Prabodh CP,  he knew them because some of his friends were a member of FSMK so me, Probodh sir, Sudhakar Sir(CSE HOD) and along with my friends Nuthan, Aditya, Harsha, and many of the juniors contributed together to form CMRIT_GLUG in our college which was the first time that our college was introduced to opensource community, we transformed atleast our department to be completely on LINUX, all our lecturers and juniors were trained to use LINUX, they were provided  with free DVD’s of Ubuntu 8.10 as sovienier.

It was really a great event, many of the FSMK active members came to the event, Senthil and Co really brought new ideas that would change our lives, we were no more the servants of a single windows operating system but now we had choice, choice of freedom. We invited our college management folks as well so that we could encourage them to invest open source softwares and to implement them in our college. Now our department CSE runs completely on LINUX, our HOD himself uses LINUX to do his daily work, even now when we go to our department we find him telling people to switch to LINUX and use LINUX, he transformed all the LABS to use LINUX, he made all the lab curriculum to be implemented on LINUX, we make use of  Fedora to compile, run any programs that are their in syllabus, Prabodh Sir proposed Nctuns software against NetSim which is a paid software to the University and our college is one the few colleges that implemented this software to train students to simulate a network. Now many of the colleges have moved from NetSim to Nctuns.

There was a guy named Mani(physically challenged) showed us some really cool things that you can do with GIMP. People were amazed that open source software can be that good, as in the movie Kung-fu Panda says, “There is no charge for awesomeness or attractiveness” . He was in a village near Bangalore when FSMK people went to that village for helping them and making them computer aware, he was so excited to learn about computers that FSMK folks taught him how to use LINUX and GIMP and he made a sketch of Richard Stallman and it was mailed to him and Richard was so impressed that when he came to india he called Mani to Delhi and honoured him.

Two students have come in that event who were studying in third year of their engineering but started their own software firm and were providing enterprise solutions on Drupal. It was inspirational for all of us their. It also showed the financial scope of using LINUX.

I feel proud of being a part of that college and the team that set up the CMRIT GLUG.


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  1. great work Saket 🙂

  2. sir,
    my phone Sony Ericsson HAZEL os is proprietary(java) i want to change My phone os into in Any Android Ver. Can u guide me its possible

    • Hi Pratik,

      I am not really the right person to guide you on this. I know a place place where you would like to do a little research for your phone.
      The thing that you are asking is known as modding. You might want to know some details before going to port some android version to your phone, trust me, it is not as easy as it sounds.

      Some information you should know before modding are as follows:
      – Do some RnD regarding which android version would best suit your phone. (Visit: Post your phone specs and ask them whether your phone is eligible for modding because android OS alone cannot run your phone it should also have the required set of drivers to support the hardware like camera, flashlight etc
      – Check out in forums for the drivers specific for your phone. If all the required drivers are available then you might want to take a backup of your phone and then try modding it because once you do this, its all on you to troubleshoot if something goes wrong.

      Find out about these things before jumping on porting android to your phone.
      Hope this details prove useful to you.

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