BAUG – Bangalore Android User Group

Bangalore Android User Group

Meet Up 3: Learn and Network amongst Android Fans

It has always been my interest to learn about mobiles but I was not able to dwell into it because of all the proprietary issues. Now with android in the market people like me who have an interest in mobile application development can lay their hands on it. I came to know about this user group from one of my friend when they had their second meet up but because of some undue circumstances I wasn’t able to attend but when I was juggling through the INTERNET as I always do, I came to know that this group is having a meet up on 24th April, then I got the opportunity to attend it by registering to it. I was lucky because I came to know about this at 1:30 am.

When I reached the venue, thanks to Neeraj who is an organizer of the event, I saw a bunch of people talking about android then I realized I that I have reached the right place. One of them is Rohan Thimappa who is an Advisory IT Architect at IBM, then there was Amit who is assisting Rohan and there were others too. We then went to the training room in MISYS, where the event was being held. There were some sessions lined up for the event.

  • Android Trends
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Android Internals

Android trends:

This session mainly focused on the current trends happening in the field of android. This session was taken by Ankit who is working in Broadcom and also a member of organizing committee. He really brought up new aspects of android and new applications. He also showed some hacks that people have done using android, new projects coming up for Android. He informed us about the hack that a company named Planetbeing has done by running Android on iPhone. His talk was really informative on android front.

Enterprize Mobility:

This session was taken by Rohan Thimappa. He was taking about taking the enterprise applications to the mobile. He gave us the example by taking Big Bazaar as example, he told us that it would be really great if we could bill the item that we pick in big bazaar and bill it instantly instead of standing in the queue for billing. This would make life easy for many people and also for big bazaar because it would increase the ratings for providing customer satisfaction. He also told us that how android could be used in Automotive industry. Android is open source and hence the cost of using the proprietary systems in vehicles could be cut down. He also told us that the support provided by android is much larger than provided by the existing systems and only thing that is hindering this is the performance factor that android is facing in this field and hence a lot of ground work is required to make this dream come true. His talk mainly focused on using android with an industry perspective but it showed us the various fields were android’s extensive potential lies.

Android Internals:

This session was the best. I liked it the most because of my love towards LINUX. This session was taken by  Kaiwan Billimoria. He was not an application developer as such but had a great knowledge of the kernel that runs underneath the application layer which developers are not much aware of. He gave us really really low level details of android kernel by saying that android uses the linux kernel and thats about it, it doesn’t use the basic linux utilities like glibc, gdb, etc, but instead it uses its own version of glibc, gdb, etc. He told us about the enhancements that google has done to the kernel like the Low On Memory Killer, ashmem, Android Debug Bridge, and many more. He also covered the differences between the general JVM and android specific DVM. The session was so informative that on the end of the session every one gave him a big round of applause and every one went personally and thanked him for giving such a wonderfull session.


We all had a group photo and then every one went socializing with other people and discuss on android and its applications. We all had a very good time and never felt even a bit that we wasted a day of our weekend. After all its the weekend that we all look forward to in a week 😉 .


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