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Yahoo Hack Day

This was my first Hack Day and it was very special to me. I had never been to any hack days before and the moment I entered the arena, I was very amazed to see so many developers in Bangalore and all under one roof.

There were two categories at the event:

– Info Geeks
– Hacker Guru

Info Geeks
This category included of only those people who were there to attend only the Tech Talks and had to leave the arena after the tech talks get over which was by noon.

Hacker Gurus:
These were the people in which Yahoo was very interested. I was one these chosen ones. At the entrance itself we where handed 2 tokens for free BEER and one token for SWAG. Hacker Gurus are supposed to hack using yahoo apis and present their hack in 2 mins, pretty short, and no powerpoint presentations were allowed(Anti Microsoft uh hah!!).

The tech talk kicked off by a talk from Chris Heillman(YDN Evangelists) on Hacking 101. It was an awesome talk, he displayed us the yahoo open API’s(YUI, YQL, YAP) and other things yahoo has to offer to the developers. He displayed us, and many more stuff that he has done. It was really good. At the end of his talk he demoed on how to present a hack in 90 seconds, that was brisk.

This tech talk was given by Subramanyam who is a YUI developer in yahoo for 5 years. He was explaining about the yui-library and its cross-platform consistency on different browsers.

After the YUI talks a US evangelists of yahoo had also come and he kicked off the Hacking session and every one rushed to do things that they liked the most.

Nokia people had also come to party but when they were talking hardly any one was listening as the hacking session started.

These people followed after the nokia people and still people were not much interested as all this was happening after the kick off of hacking session. People got interest in PAYPAL apis when PAYPAL announced that they are having a developer contest going on till November and the prize money is for US$ 100,000. I could see some stunned faces. People started to listen then to those PAYPAL folks.

All in all it was a fun event because me along with my teammate were supposed to make a hack using yahoo apis but eventually we made a android game and were testing it on all the android phones that people had at the event.

The food at Taj was pretty decent atleast in the afternoon but the dinner was awesome specially the deserts were just out of this world. I could see people starting their food with deserts rather than soups.